We know most of you won’t be reading the terms and conditions. We know why. Because it is boring to read! Some terms are too long to digest. Some people think it won’t harm them.
Whatever it is, we think that informing the terms to our customers is a number one priority. So we will try to make the content as pleasant and joyful to your eyes.

In General

As most website would mention, when you are visiting this website, you are bound to the terms and conditions listed in this page, well definitely. Of course, these terms may change from time to time and we will inform these changes for all registered customers.
You wouldn’t want to violate any of the terms, yeah?
So the basic terms you need to comply is as below:

  • Are you happy?
  • Thinking positively everyday?
  • Love your Earth?
  • Yeap, let’s paint my life colorfully!

Great! You are half qualified! So let’s get started and read up the rest!

Privacy Matters

Don’t worry, whatever personal details you submitted in our website is confidential. We will not expose any information to 3rd party for our gain. We just want to ship our products to you, that’s all. Read more at Privacy Policy Page.

Newsletter Subscriber

Oh, besides shipping products to you and unless you subscribed yourself to our newsletter portal via email, then we will email you the good stuff about us. Nothing more, nothing less. We promise!

Product Information

We do our best to provide all information about our products as accurate as possible. Sometimes color of images differ from 1 device to another. Products are all handmade, so do expect a 1-3cm error in measurements. The only info that we cannot provide here is the ability for you to touch and feel our high quality products. Maybe in future?

Contents Copyright

We worked very hard on our contents, videos, images and illustrations on this website. So please be nice and do not steal, unless you have gotten permission to use them. Thank you! 😀

Inaccuracy of Contents

On top of the content subject, please be aware that some contents may be inaccurate due to changes were not being made on time. We have the rights to alter all contents written on the website without prior notice.

Images Sent In by Customers

First and foremost, we would like to thank to those who shared their LoryBloom baby photos with us. 🙂 Secondly, all of these images are then the property of LoryBloom. We have the right to mark all images with our trademark to aid protection to the owner of the photos.


We deliver our products via 3rd party courier company mentioned in our Shipping Page. Although some circumstances such as misplacement of parcels, accidents and other miscellaneous events are unavoidable, we will commit to make you happy by valuing you either the followings :

  • Refunds

    Either full or partial refunds via store credits.

  • Replacement

    A replacement will be sent to you. 100% no additional fee.

Proof of undelivered parcels is needed. You may first need to deal with respective courier to solve delivery issue. If no alternative ways provided by courier, then you can apply for a refund/replacement.
Term is not applicable for unattended delivery such as receiver is not at home. Beware, we can check that. 😉

Method of Refunding

Sometimes when things go wrong and we need to make a refund to you, these are the ways. We do not bank in direct to your bank accounts.

Warranty Claims

You shall not abuse this privilege. We ensure our products are high quality to sustain from 1 child to another. We have the rights to check if defects are genuine or made up and thus to whether reject the claim. For more info on this term, please read up at the Warranty Page.


You can unsubscribe to any of our program organized by us. We also have the right to terminate the terms agreed by any party. Although it seems sad to do so, unless you are a spammer.

Thanks for the terms and conditions!