Give Cloth

Its not just about wearing cloth to give back the greens to Earth, it’s more than that! Its about caring for the society and the less fortunate. To instill good values upon our children that kindness leads to joy and happiness to the world.

“I can do things you cannot. You can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things”Mother Teresa

For Their Children

Giving is a way of life to many of us. Here at LoryBloom we are no different. In fact, we are happy to offer a helping hand just to see another mother’s delight.
LoryBloom wishes to donate a diaper to a child for every diaper purchased online / in stores. Why? Because diapering is one of the most expensive expenditure to raise a child and not every family can afford to buy disposables. Thus, cloth diaper is one of the best long term solution for all these problems. It can be reused and passed down from one child to another, at least for 5 years and beyond!
No matter what skin color you are in, what language you speak, what culture you practise, we all need the same support and guidance in life.

For Our Children

Another reason LoryBloom is founded was to set a good example for our children. We can tell them that they can learn to achieve anything if they follow their hearts. But showing them the way is another thing!
Inculcate kindness is essential in life and that is what we are demonstrating here through the power of giving.
We can all make a mark on this world, big or small, and what’s most important is it comes through your heart.
LoryBloom provides an opportunity for our children to realize there are many ways how they can help others and how each of us can make a difference.
We hope to see our children will continue this road of kindness and inspire more people and businesses around the world to do the same deeds.

“Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom”Theodore Isaac Rubin


Our Achievement

The figure displayed is achievable because of the parents who bought LoryBloom products. Thank you once again for everyone who supported our cause and helped us continue to help other families that deserved a better parenthood.

We have donated

Inspiration Wall

What makes your motherhood more motherly? These quotes kept us moving forward to do what is right for nature and our children. Let us all be an Earth warrior. Read on if you’d like to know what LoryBloom offers the world.

“Look Deep into Nature, and then You will Understand Everything Better” ~ Albert Einstein
“Heal the World, Make it a Better Place for You and for Me and the Entire Human Race. There are People Dying. If You Care Enough for the Living, Make it a Better Place for You and for Me” ~ Michael Jackson
“We do not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors, We Borrow it from Our Children” ~ Native American Proverb
“It is Our Duty to Save Environment’s Beauty” ~ Anonymous
“We Won’t Have a Society if We Destroy the Environment” ~ Margaret Mead
“The World is a Fine Place and Worth Fighting For” ~ Anonymous
“Nature is Our Treasure, Help Save it. Let’s Nurture the Nature, so That We Can Have a Better Future” ~ Anonymous
“When We Heal the Earth, We Heal Ourselves” ~ David Orr
“Stopping Pollution is the Best Solution” ~ Anonymous
“You Can’t Change the Past but You Can Change the Future, It’s Upon You What You Want!” ~ Anonymous
“Save the Environment and You Will Save the Life and Future” ~ Anonymous

“A Colorful Future Starts From an Empty Trash Can” ~ Sandra Yin