Bloomix Diaper Series

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An All-in-Two System that Fits a Newborn to a Toddler

Easy Parenting

Use a standard size diaper cover and choose your preferred pad suitable for your baby; either the Regular Pad or the Premium Pad.

User-Friendly and Simple

When diaper is wet, just unsnap the wet pad from the diaper cover and replace a brand new pad on the same diaper cover!

Double Protection

Double the pee/poop guard with a dual leg gusset from the combination of the cover and its elastic pads!

2 Ways Closure

Want to make the nanny use cloth diaper at ease? Convert the snap closure to hook and loop instantly, yet temporarily!

Flexible and Easy-Going

This system gives you the choice to choose different kinds of configuration based on your preference.

Any Size That Fits
Snap / Velcro Closure
Regular / Premium Pad
Extra Absorber / No Extra Absorber
Hand Wash / Machine Wash

Size that fits from a newborn to a potty training toddler!

Adjust the waist and the leg gusset to fit smaller / bigger babies using our discrete snaps.

Protect Your Bedsheet and Sofa from Solids

Breastfeeding babies can get you a little bit messy when it comes to cleaning up their solids. Before it comes running down to your bedsheet like a runny nose, our double gusset system will save your double trouble!

Snap and Velcro Closure in One Diaper Cover?

That’s right!
Bloomix lets you own 1 diaper cover but you get to utilize both snap and velcro closure!


Just snap in our detachable velcro ribbons and done!

What’s the benefit of these?
You may like to use snap closures, but the nanny doesn’t know how to properly snap them in place.

This way you encourage caretakers to use cloth diapers!
Moreover you don’t have to buy two different diaper covers.

And because these ribbons are detachable, make sure to remove them before going to the laundry.
Preventing them from going into the laundry makes them last longer.

You can use the same velcro ribbons on all diaper cover in the Bloomix Series!

Types of Padding

The series provides parents a dedicated pad for day and night use. They are snapable and separable from the diaper cover for easy laundry.
Regular pad is a stay-dry pad layered with suedecloth, suitable for day time when diaper change can be done often. Suedecloth is not a natural fabric.
Premium pad on the other hand is a stay-comfort pad layered with natural bamboo fiber, suitable for long hour use such as during the night or long car rides.

An extra 4 layers of bamboo cotton ensures your heavy wetter baby does not wet your sofa and bed too soon.

Snap one (or two for older toddlers) Mini Aid to the main pad for that extra security.

Laundry Business

There is no restriction on the washing method! Just make sure to use slightly hot water as maximum temperature. This way the life cycle of the diaper will last longer.

Mother Advice:
Make sure to remove all solids into the toilet. Soak stained diapers into a big pail with detergent for 3 hours so that you don’t have to scrub the fabric too much. Scrubbing can fasten its wear and tear.

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