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    Did You Know?

    1 in 3 American families struggle to afford diapers. This is no exception to the rest of the world! Diapering is one of the most expensive expenditure to raise a child.

Why Wear Cloth?

It is healthy. It is eco-friendly. It is cost saving. It is safe for you and your baby. It is fun and joyful. It is easy peasy. It is worth it. It is colorful!

Why Choose LoryBloom?

Besides providing you and your baby a colorful life, you’ll find our cloth products are affordable, versatile and easy to handle. Moreover, for every diaper that your loved one wears, we will give one diaper to a baby in need all around the world.
What We Do Beyond Cloth

Bring Happiness to Your Home, and to Another

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.Winston S. Churchill

Wear Cloth Means Dispose Less!

Its a beautiful World we lived in. She is our children’s home. Wearing cloth in replacement of disposable diapers means preserving their home for a colorful future ahead. Together with LoryBloom, we all can work towards it!
If you agree wearing cloth at home is able to contribute 0.1% of the World’s cleanliness, give the World a 5 star below! Good job!

Share the Colorful Future

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